Estimate / Bid Review

You already have a great general contractor.  You have an incredibly responsive insurance adjuster.  There is no doubt in your mind that your estimate of repairs is completely accurate and makes your home or office whole again.

Leave the bean counting to us!

For those of you whom I didn’t describe in the preceding paragraph, this service is for you.

No one is perfect, and things get missed.  Our ESTIMATE REVIEW process makes sure that you get the full amount of your claim without embarrassing and potentially contentious supplements down the road.
We’ve saved people thousands of dollars and increased insurance settlements by simply pointing out what others have left out.
We take a look at the estimate(s) written, walk your loss, and perform a detailed “apples to apples” comparison of your proposed settlement.  Most insurance estimates are written in a program called Xactimate.   We have the latest version, XA28, installed and ready to analyse your adjuster’s estimate.